2017 Local Rules


Open for Entries: Monday 18th September 2017
Entries Close Date: noon Friday 27th October 2017 (Rule 5 and 23)
Last On-Line Crew Change: 22:00hrs Friday 10th November 2017 (Rule 25)
Race Date: 12:00hrs Sunday 12th November 2017

Complaints Deadline post race:  16:30hrs Sunday 12th November 2017 (Rule 46)
Appeals Deadline:
16:30hrs Monday 13th November 2017 (Rule 48)
Results Submission to British Rowing:
20:00hrs Monday 13th November 2017 (Rule 49)
Prizegiving at Fullers, Chiswick: Thursday 11 Jan 2018 @ 7PM: Location: Hock Cellar, Fullers Brewery (Rule 47)


    The race is held under: the British Rowing Rules of Racing; Guide to Safe Practice in Rowing; these Rules; the Marshalling Instructions; and any other instructions issued by the Committee.
    safety instructions

  2. Please read these rules carefully. In the event of a serious transgression either before, during or after the race (e.g. Rowing below status, endangering other crews or behaviour deemed to be unsportsmanlike) the Committee may disqualify not just the crew involved but all crews from the Club it represents and refuse entries in future years.
    (As covered by British Rowing Rules of Racing Section 2.7.)
  3. Please be aware that all boats including those from overseas, must display a standard form of boat identification. More information on codes and format can be obtained from British Rowing.
    Failure to do so may result in a time penalty being applied.
  4. The Committee does not accept any liability for crews or their equipment.

    Entries will close at noon on Friday 27 October 2017 (Entries Close Date) at the latest. Entries will close earlier than this date should 480 complete paid entries have been accepted. Clubs are asked to note that there is NO possibility of reserving a place not paid for and NO “WAITING LIST” after entries close
    further entries information

  6. Non Tideway clubs MUST have obtained written/email permission to boat from their host tideway club before completing an entry form. Captains will ascertain time and order of boating of crews from those in authority at the club from whose Boathouse their crews intend to boat. The Committee reserves the right to direct where crews will boat and issue traffic directions.                                                        clubslink
  7. The committee reserves the right to cancel specific events in the event of insufficient entries. In this situation, crews will be offered the opportunity to race at a higher status where available.
  8. NO CREW OR COMPETITOR MAY COMPETE IN MORE THAN ONE EVENT. Crews are eligible only for the prize of the event they have entered.
  9. All coxn’s must have reached the age of 16 in the calendar year of the race (i.e. born in 2000 or earlier), unless express permission is given by the race committee.
  10. With the exception of coxswains, no rower who has competed at a senior level for their Country (Continental Championships, World cup, Senior World Championships or Olympics) in either sweep or sculling during the two years prior to the race, will be allowed to enter any status other than Elite, regardless of whether they are entered in the same discipline or not.
  11. Clubs may not make more than one entry in any of the Junior events (i.e. Clubs are permitted to enter a maximum of one open Junior crew and one women’s Junior crew in both the 4+ and 4x categories). Composite crews and entries from School Alumni clubs, or ‘clubs of convenience’ (as determined by the committee) will not be accepted in any of the Junior categories.
  12. With the exception of the Junior 4+ events, and entries from overseas and clubs affiliated to Scottish Rowing, all sweep crews entered in the HOR4s must have at least six (6) rowing points both at the time of entry and on race day (i.e. subs must have sufficient points to maintain the six (6) point minimum for the crew at all times).
  13. With the exception of the Junior 4x events, and entries from overseas and clubs affiliated to Scottish Rowing, all sculling crews entered in the HOR4s must have at least four (4) sculling points both at the time of entry and on race day (i.e. subs must have sufficient points to maintain the four (4) point minimum for the crew at all times).
    Clubs affiliated to Scottish Rowing should consult their national web site and should ensure that they provide all individual registration numbers in the Notes field in OE. If asked, they must provide evidence to support that their crews are at an equivalent level of competence. Please note that rules 12 and 13 are non-negotiable.
  14. The committee reserves the right to reject crews entered at a status deemed to be above their ability if, on request, they fail to provide sufficient evidence as to why they should be allowed to race at that status.
  15. Overseas Crews (i.e. those not affiliated to British Rowing, Scottish Rowing or Welsh Rowing) can only enter the Elite or Junior events. The committee may reject entries to Elite events, if they are not satisfied they are of Elite standard.
  16. Overseas Clubs and those affiliated to Scottish Rowing that are not already registered, will need to contact British Rowing (onlineentry@britishrowing.org) and let them know your club details and the names of the competitors you wish to enter. British Rowing will then set you up on their Online entry system so you can enter the event. If you have any problems or questions about this process, please contact our entries secretary (rduparcq@hotmail.com).
  17. With the exception of Coxswains (who may be older), all athletes entered in the Junior events must have been born on, or between the 1st September 1998 and the 31st August 2002 (British Rowing Rules of Racing 3.3.2).n.b. The HOR4s does not require junior crews to be coxed by juniors; this is a local rule made for safety reasons. Please contact our entries secretary (rduparcq@hotmail.com) should you wish to take advantage of this rule, as the current British Rowing Online Entry system will not allow you to do it yourself.
  18. No composite crews or entries from school Alumni Clubs will be accepted in any of the Junior events.

    Start order, further instructions and results will be posted on this web site www.hor4s.org.uk.

  20. The Committee will determine the order of start. All crews entered in the same event will be started in one block. Clubs entering two crews in the same event are requested to inform the entries secretary if the crews have a preferred order (e.g. which is the A crew and which is the B crew) using the notes section in the British Rowing Online Entry system.
  21. A Crew is defined by its Online Entry 6 digit Crew ID number, its associated crew composition. Crews MUST race under the Start Number allocated to that OE Crew ID – your club’s nominated OE admin rep will be able to tell you what it is (or see published start crew lists, on this website, to make sure you know where your crew is starting).Where more than one club crew has been entered in a single event, it is the responsibility of the club concerned to ensure their crews race under the start number allocated to that crew by the event organisers; failure to do so will result in disqualification.

    Prior to the published latest possible Entries Close Date, crew line-ups can be amended through the On-line Entry system and clubs can make as many changes as they want. If entries reach capacity and have to close before this date, unrestricted subs will still be allowed within that period. We facilitate this by ‘suspending’, rather than closing, entries. Within this period FEES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED for crews ‘withdrawn’, these being in effect scratches.

    Clubs wishing to change boat type (ie, from 4+ to 4-) prior to close of entries, should be aware that this requires the original entry to be scratched and a completely new entry to be made in OE. The new entry will be treated as having being received when it is made, and not when the original entry was made. Please notify the entries secretary (rduparcq@hotmail.com) if you need to change status for any boat type.

    If you withdraw an incorrect entry and replace it, ask the Entries Secretary to transfer your payment. DO NOT PAY TWICE.

  23. Following the Entries Close Date, the crew will be baselined in OE and it will subsequently only be possible to substitute up to half the crew (as well as the cox).
    Please note that after this time it will not be possible to change status or boat type.
    n.b. The only permitted exception to this rule, applies to crews who have gone overpointed for their event, as a result of points won at the British Rowing Championships, between the close of HOR4s entries and race day.- Please see the Crew Change page for more details.
  24. Notice of scratching, in writing, or e-mail, must be received by the Entries Secretary before the race. On race day, notice may be handed in at Chiswick Pier House, (if you turn down Edensor Road off the A316 and go straight on until you reach the river, you will find the Pier House – see map on right). Notice of scratching must include a full explanation of the reasons for withdrawal. Failure to provide an adequate explanation could affect the acceptance of a Club’s entries in future years.
  25. Where possible, crews must be amended online, using OE. This service will be available up until 10pm on the DAY BEFORE THE RACE (see Timeline above).
    After that time, substitutions can only be made on race day at either Chiswick Pier House (from 10.00 hrs to 12.15 hrs), or London Rowing Club (from 11.00 hrs to 12.15 hrs). Crew change forms are provided on this web site and will be available from the entries official at these locations on the day of the race. The entries official must be shown the BR cards of any substitutes together with the completed form. Please note that any changes requested at London RC will be checked by the Chief Umpire Representative in liaison with Chiswick Pier House before they are accepted.
  26. The entries Secretary or his representative must receive notification of substitutes not later than one hour before race start time. THIS INCLUDES COX’NS. On race day the entries secretary will be at Chiswick Pier House. Failure to comply with this rule will render a crew ineligible for any prize and may result in disqualification.

    Crews who are forced to substitute more than 50% of the rowers (because of illness etc) may request to race for Time Only – it is not possible for clubs to make these subs via OE- so please contact the Entries Secretary by email (rduparcq@hotmail.com) – see the Crew Change page for more details.

  28. Where a substitution puts a crew above the points level for the event in which they are entered, the committee may allow the crew to race for Time Only. Again, these subs cannot be made via OE so please contact the Entries Secretary as above.
  29. Where it necessary to sub someone into a crew from a club other than that named in the entry, the committee may allow the crew to race for Time Only. Again, these subs cannot be made via OE, so please contact the Entries Secretary, as above, with the individual’s BR membership number.
  30. For events where a point minimum applies (see rule 12 & 13), no option to race for Time Only will be extended to crews who wish to sub below six (6) points (sweep) or four (4) points (sculling) and any senior crew found racing with less than the required number of points WILL BE DISQUALIFIED and may face further sanctions (See Rule 2).
  31. Lightweight Crews where one or more competitors fail to report for weighing, or fails to be within the maximum individual weight by one hour prior to the start of the race, may still race but for Time Only. There will be no change to their start position.
  32. Crews given permission to race for Time Only, will be given a time but will not be awarded a finish position in the published results.

    The Committee is reliant on the goodwill and assistance of the Authorities at Putney and Hammersmith if the Race is to continue with the same number of crews. The Committee will disqualify all the crews from any club whose representatives do not conform to the instructions issued to those clubs boating from Putney and Hammersmith, and may refuse entries in future years.

  34. The Police, Traffic Wardens and Council Officials must not only be obeyed at all times but treated with courtesy and respect. Traffic flows and regulations will be obeyed. Equipment must not block the road at any time. This is an important safety requirement.

    Lightweight Rules: The designated maximum weight for lwt competitors is the the individual weight as set for indoor rowing (currently Men 75kg, Women 61.5kg). No crew average weight.

  36. Lightweight competitors are requested to arrive as a crew to be weighed, and are requested to bring their valid BR racing licence with photo as the preferred form of ID. Crew photos may also be taken at weighing-in for traceability to subsequent racing crew.
  37. Competitors must weigh in wearing their racing kit (ie all-in-one / shorts & shirt). Anyone failing to wear suitable attire may be refused weigh-in.
  38. Weigh-in stations will be located at Chiswick Pier House and in the London Rowing Club Gym (subject to final entries) and be open between 2 hrs and 1 hrs prior to the start of racing. See also Rule 31 above for crews failing to make weight. Any crews withdrawing from weighing-in are kindly requested to send a representative of the crew to one of the weigh-in stations to avoid umpires waiting for a no-show.

    Club Captains must ensure that they only enter competent crews and that their crews are properly prepared for the race.
    Captains must ensure that their crews follow the standards for safety set out on the British Rowing Guide to Good Practice in Rowing, and particularly the requirement at section 2.1 to wear personal floatation devices where competitors cannot demonstrate the ability to meet the swimming standard or if there is a medical problem which presents a risk that the competitor may become unconscious or immobile.
    Crews should be capable of completing a ten mile outing and may be on the water for three hours. The weather in November can be wet and cold. Hypothermia is a real danger. Crews should take sufficient warm clothing on the water with them. A plastic bag is useful for placing clothing in during the course of the race.

  40. Owing to the particular safety considerations of this race, the use of megaphones and radio equipment is prohibited for all parties except race officials.
  41. All Coxswains and Steers should be familiar with the Marshalling Instructions and Rowing Code of Practice for the Tidal Thames between Putney and Richmond before boating.
  42. Crews that are late to the start, and are therefore not started with the rest of the crews in their event, may be liable to an additional time penalty of up to thirty seconds.
  43. Returning crews are to be presumed responsible for ‘avoiding’ accidents with racing crews. Crews in later divisions returning to upriver clubs must be mindful of when dusk is expected and have suitable navigation lights installed for a safe return journey.
  44. The Racing Course is defined by the Fairway as explained in The Tideway Code (ie the zone to the centre of the river between the red and green large navigation buoys.)
    Overtaking: ALL crews have a responsibility to avoid collision whether they are overtaking, or being overtaken. Coxswains and Steers should in principle maintain that which they consider to be their best course. An overtaking crew should establish its intended overtaking line as early and as clearly as possible, stick to that line, and not push out the slower crew. A slower crew is expected to give way to a faster overtaking crew where it can do so without endangering itself or other crews and without having to take excessive evasive action, but MUST NOT actively impede or move towards the course of an overtaking crew.
    Any crew which chooses to row in bow-coxed boat has a special responsibility to make their cox aware of any overtaking crew.
    Crews, whether the faster or slower, may be penalised or disqualified if judged to have contributed to the causes of a collision.

    A full list of provisional times will be available on the website as soon as possible after the race finishes.

  46. Any complaints about the behaviour of other crews during the course of the race must be made to the Chief Umpire at Chiswick Pier House, within one hour of the last crew crossing the finish line (i.e. compliant must be made before 16:30 hrs). If you turn down Edensor Road off the A316 and go straight on until you reach the River you will find Chiswick Pier.
  47. Please note that Medals will not be awarded where less than three eligible crews (i.e. not including those racing for Time Only) start in an event, unless the winning crew goes on to record the fastest time for their boat type (4x; 4- or 4+) and gender.
    Prizes will be presented at a reception held in January 2018 (TBA), to which winning crews will be invited. Winning competitors will receive an individual medal and winning Crews will receive a sign written Blade Spoon.
  48. Crews have until 16:30 hrs on Monday 13th November 2017 to make any appeals over penalties or the published result order. Appeals should be addressed to the Chief Umpire, and copied to the Hon Secretary and Entries Secretary – contact can be made via the committee page on the Hor4s website.
  49. In order to meet British Rowing Results submission requirements and timeline, any corrections found necessary after 20:00hrs Monday 13th November 2017 (whether by time or crew composition) will also require notification to British Rowing. Crews are therefore strongly encouraged to ensure that the event has accurate details of the racing crew including coxswain prior to the race.

    As the cost of insuring the event against cancellation has become prohibitive, the committee now self-insures in order to keep entry fees to a minimum. As as result, please be aware that entries can no longer be refunded if the event does not take place.