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2017 Start Order and Associated Crew Lists

2017 Start Marshaling Card (Data 10:30am 8th Nov 2017)

Request from Start Marshals for crews to have their numbers clearly visible and pinned at all four corners – it really helps us during pre-race marshaling and with a full race this year, we need your help more than ever so we can start on time.  If you are a higher numbered crew, do consider having lights on your boat.

  • Time Only (TO), Scratched (SCR), Boating Locations
  • Re-banding: Crews 130 (Band 2), Crew 359 (Band 2) and start after 339.
  • Crew position corrections: 115 to start after 122, W4- 270 (winner 2016)  before 267, 4+297 (winner 2016) before 292. 413 and 419 swopped start positions.
  • Marshaling Division Adjustments: WU234x Crews 161-163 – end of Div 2 to keep event together.

The 2017 Start Lists at Close of Entries is posted below on 1st Nov.

A combination of CRI, Status Points and other information has been used to band crews in line with the vision of the British Rowing Competition Review. This has meant a significant change to the starting sequence which is now by boat class but does mean that crews can truly rank themselves against their peers irrespective of age or historic points.

See Rule 13 onwards for what to do if you need to make substitutions.

Where two or more crews from the same club are entered in a single event, ensure that the crews have the correct bow number – as identified by the 7 digit OE crew ID column in the start order.

HOR4s wishes to thank all the Host Clubs and all visiting crews for combining trailer provision in this race which we are pleased to announce is full.

Statement 5th November 2017: Head of the River Fours 2017 Start Order
We have received several enquiries regarding the starting order of next weekend’s race and so feel that all competitors would benefit from a brief explanation.

Sometime ago the ‘Head of the River Fours’ decided to be early adopters of the new Ranking Points Index (RPI) system in line with the new 2017 British Rowing Rules of Racing. We were aware that this would present challenges and issues, but the quicker this new system is adopted, the sooner it will work for everyone.  We have embraced the principle that Ranking Points should reflect your speed based on how often you race and how well you perform.

As part of this, and in an effort to ensure that Ranking Points will be assigned fairly based on the results of all boats in each category for each gender (4x, 4-, 4+) we decided that these categories should start as discreet blocks due to the likely variation in stream and weather conditions during the racing duration.  We appreciate that this means the fastest quads, coxless fours and coxed fours will start further apart than competitors are used to, but it should ensure a more robust allocation of Ranking Points within each category.  Our belief is that this more accurate allocation of Ranking Points is more important to most crews than a few being able to compare themselves to crews in other categories.

In order to reduce the risk and impact that the tail end of one category is caught by the top end of the next, there will be increased gaps between categories. Equally there will be gaps within categories for the same reason. Extensive research and analysis has been done into relative boat speeds and recent historic race data in order to determine the gaps for 2017 race.

Given that we are early in the transition phase of points allocation, we have used a combination of Crew Ranking Index (CRI) and Status Points (as well as other aspects such as ex-internationals) to determine the Start Order and to create the bands within each event. We acknowledge this might not be perfect and a few crews may feel they are in the wrong band, but our belief is that, on the whole, a crew’s start position and ‘band’ reflect their expected speed based on their CRI.  We will, of course, review this after the race.

We acknowledge that this change has caused some anxiety, confusion and frustration amongst our competitors, but please work with us and, more importantly, share your feedback after the event.

HOR4s Committee : 5th Nov 2017



Allocated start number for the 2016 race were as follows:


Crew lists for the 2016 race were as follows:


The prize-giving will be Thursday 11 Jan 2018 @ 7PM: Location: Hock Cellar, Fullers Brewery.

Please buy your t-shirts and photos from our official suppliers. The HOR4s get a percentage on any sales, which helps to keep your race fees down.

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