The next HOR4s will take place on:

Sunday 12th November 2017 at 10.45

Latest Information: Monday 18th September: EVENT NOW OPEN FOR ENTRIES ON BROE 2.

21st Sept 18:30 (Entries bullet points added about how to check and query STATUS points and PERSONAL RANKING INDEX). Minor Rule 5,10,11 wording corrections to BR2017 Rules.
17th Sept 22:15 (Entries bullet points – placeholders and Junior 4- clarifications added)

The Local Rules and Entries have now been updated.

The 2017 race will be run under the British Rowing Rules of Racing 2017 edition and implementing the new British Rowing Competition Framework as explained in section 3 of the BR RofR. Due to transitional arrangements, a minimum ‘old’ points requirement will continue for non-Junior events.

We have reviewed the categories and events offered  in the light of the Competition Framework and have made changes which we believe will bring the race into line with the new system and competitors’ expectations.

Please review the Entries and Rules pages; any queries please direct them to the Entries Secretary cc Chief Umpire.

Saturday 3rd November 2018Provisional Time 12.00