Noel Davison

The Committee of the HOR4s are greatly saddened by the death of Noel Davison, Hon. Secretary since 2014, on Sunday, 1 July 2018, after a lengthy battle against cancer. Our thoughts are with his family, particularly his wife Eleanor, also a wonderful supporter of the race.

The next HOR4s will take place on Saturday 3rd November 2018 – Provisional Time 12.00

2017 Race: Latest Information

Sun 19th Nov 15:00hrs Final Results Announced: HOR4s2017 Results have been finalised and are now available on the Results page with confirmed Pennant Winners on the Gallery page.

The Organising Committee is aware that there have been a number of challenges in implementing the Ranking Points Index and ‘banding’ system for the first time and at a time when the Crew Ranking Index allocation is in a transitionary period, but are pleased we did it in 2017 so that we can learn lessons and make changes for the 2018 event.

This year we wished to maintain the ethos of HOR4s in providing a platform for each level of rowing, from school and club upwards, to compete together but within their own competitive band. We will review this year’s race in order to ensure we can continue to achieve this in 2018.

We also wished to maintain the number of pennants but during the final stages of entries, found that there were not sufficient U23 entrants in the sweep categories; these were therefore integrated into the respective senior categories. We will endeavour to return to the full quota of pennants in 2018.

The HOR4s Committee are, however, pleased to announce an exceptional discretionary pennant to be awarded to the W4- Band 2 second placed crew (Thames Rowing Club). This is in light of the fact that the winners of this category (Imperial College), although within the rules and therefore rightful winners of the category, contained an international rower which, ordinarily, would have required them to race in Band 1.

We look forward to meeting all our Pennant Winners at the Prizegiving at Fullers, Chiswick: Thursday 11 Jan 2018 @ 7PM: Location: Hock Cellar, Fullers Brewery.

We also look forward to welcoming our competitors back on Saturday 3rd November for our 2018 Race.


Sun 12th Nov 21:30 hrs Results page now updated with declared Penalties. Deadline for Appeals to any penalties is Monday 13th Nov at 16:30hrs to Chief Umpire cc Hon Secretary. Any crew which raced with undeclared substitutions, for whatever reason, and not already listed under the Penalties, please also let us know before this time to avoid you getting awarded CRI erroneously by British Rowing.

Sun 12th Nov 17:15 Provisional results are now posted here.

Sat 11th Nov 20:00 Race Incident/Complaint Report Form See Rule 35 – Form now online for use from River Closure at 09:45hrs on Race Day until 14:30hrs.

Sat 11th Nov 16:00: 

  • Weather Report: Committee is monitoring the conditions and although at 11am there are gusts predicted, direction NW, temp ~7-9 degC, the race is expected to go ahead without delays.
  • Online Substitutions/Scratchings via BROE2 available until 22:00hrs tonight. Ideally make any last minute changes to save you a job on race day in person to CPH or London RC when subs will be accepted until 9:45am (1 hr prior to racing). Accurate crew compositions mean that you will not attract CRI in error by BR post event. Thank you.
  • We will start the race on time. Make sure you check the Instructions to Competitors and boat in good time to reach your marshalling position.

Wed 8th November 18:00: Start Marshaling Card
Now available at for our 2100 competitors and 100 or so race marshals, timekeepers and other volunteers. A limited number of printed A4 cards will be available on race day for competitors for a charity donation at Putney (Rock the Boat stall – where there are also Fours Head Weekend T-shirts) and BBLRC (at their infamous cake stall). Thanks to WEHORR for their Tri-Fold Card idea.

Sun 5th November 12.20: Head of the River Fours 2017 Start Order: See our Draw Page for Statement issued by HOR4s Committee.

Monday 30th October 17:00: The event is re-opened for any Substitutions via BROE2. If you now need to substitute more than 50% of the crew (and race for Time Only), or find you have to scratch, please contact as soon as possible.

Tuesday 24th October 14:30 Entries Review

a) Minimum Points Criteria Withdrawn

In light of the unfortunate cancellation of the British Rowing Senior Championships last weekend, the HOR4s Entries Sub-Committee has met and announce that Rule No 7 is hereby withdrawn with immediate effect. Crews are encouraged to ensure that their entry is accurate.

b) Events

Following insufficient entries to enable a pennant to be awarded, Under 23 categories for 4+ and 4- will be integrated into the respective Senior Categories (Ref Rule 2). See Entries Page Note #.

c) Substitutions After Close of Entries

Rule 22 Revised: Where substitutions following Close of Entries have significantly increased a crew’s combined CRI / total Status points such that it is no longer appropriate for Band 2 or Band 3, the Race Committee reserves the right to move the crew into a higher band. This will be published on the Final Results. The crew concerned will be notified as soon as practically possible.

Monday 18th September: EVENT NOW OPEN FOR ENTRIES ON BROE 2.

21st Sept 18:30 (Entries bullet points added about how to check and query STATUS points and PERSONAL RANKING INDEX). Minor Rule 5,10,11 wording corrections to BR2017 Rules.
17th Sept 22:15 (Entries bullet points – placeholders and Junior 4- clarifications added)

The Local Rules and Entries have now been updated.

The 2017 race will be run under the British Rowing Rules of Racing 2017 edition and implementing the new British Rowing Competition Framework as explained in section 3 of the BR RofR. Due to transitional arrangements, a minimum ‘old’ points requirement will continue for non-Junior events.

We have reviewed the categories and events offered  in the light of the Competition Framework and have made changes which we believe will bring the race into line with the new system and competitors’ expectations.

Please review the Entries and Rules pages; any queries please direct them to the Entries Secretary cc Chief Umpire.

Saturday 3rd November 2018Provisional Time 12.00